Bluebonnets and Paintbrush

Wildflower Driving Tour

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Texas wouldn't be Texas without wildflowers in the spring. Bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and evening primrose burst forth throughout the Lake Whitney area from March until May.

For a quick tour, drive FM 933 north from town for about 5 miles. Along the sides of the road, and in the fields just beyond, you'll be able to see a sample of Texas' best wildflowers.

For a more extensive view of nature's bounty, and a fabulous drive over winding roads and rolling hills, try the tour below. Be sure to bring your camera. In just over two hours, without stops, you'll enjoy an abundance of wildflowers at the top of the Texas Hill Country.

    Bluebonnets at Lake Whitney dam
  • Begin your wildflower tour by taking State Highway 22 west from Whitney. Immediately past the dam, turn right into West Lofers Bend Park. The banks of the lake are filled with bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush.

  • Continue west on Highway 22 for about 5 miles. Make a left onto FM 219, and follow this road for 10 miles into the town of Clifton.
  • Wildflowers with a red barn
  • Along FM 219, you will see scattered phlox, bluebonnets, yellow flax, vervain, Indian blanket, paintbrush, and blue-eyed grass.

  • Crossing the bridge over the Bosque River as you come into Clifton, there is a city park on your right for picnicking. If you have time, stop in the old downtown area at a few of the antique shops and art galleries.
  • Bluebonnets along a fence
  • Continue your drive on FM 219. About 6 miles past the light at Highway 6, turn right (north) onto FM 182. Follow this to historic Our Savior's Lutheran Church and Cemetery, where you can stop and enjoy the views of the countryside.

  • Stay on FM 182, which becomes CR 4145, as it narrows. You will come to the Old Rock Church on your right. If the gate is open, drive inside for a panoramic view of wildflowers spread over the surrounding rolling hills.
  • Wildflowers at Lake Whitney

  • Continue about 4 miles until you reach Highway 22. Turn right (northeast) and enjoy bursts of color as you travel this road. Meridian State Park is on your left. It does not have a lot of wildflowers, but is worth a stop for the wildlife and scenic paths that lead towards a peaceful lake.
  • Bluebonnets and cactus
  • Just before reaching the town of Meridian, turn right (south) onto State Highway 6. After about 7 miles, you will come to a roadside park where a winding road leads upward. Rather than driving up, take a walk along the path to view butterflies hatching from the milkweed plant. Phlox, primroses, Indian blanket and bluebonnets lift their heads out of the rocky ground.
  • Wildflowers along the roadside

  • Continue south on Highway 6 for another 4 miles. When you get to Clifton, turn left onto FM 219 to begin your return to Whitney. Follow FM 219 for 10 miles until it T's into Highway 22. Make a right onto Highway 22 and follow it back to Whitney.

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