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Large mouth bass caught at Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney's reputation as a premier center for bass fishing is a big draw for the nation's fishing enthusiasts. Field and Stream magazine, in May 2004, ranked a lakeside resort here as one of "the top 5 places in the U.S. to eat, sleep, and live bass". American Angler Magazine ranked Lake Whitney #1 in Texas and #53 in the world for fishing.

Many of the local lodging facilities are waterside, so you can fish right where you are staying, from the banks of the lake or river, or from the dock. Some facilities also rent boats for a fishing trip with friends or family.

Texas Parks & Wildlife provides an Annual Fishing Forecast for Lake Whitney with a run-down, by species, of what to expect each year.

Fishing help Fly fishing at Lake Whitney


Local guides know when and where the fish are biting, and are available for those who want to take advantage of their knowledge. Chances are, your trip will be more successful with a guide familiar with Lake Whitney, and you may learn a lot in the process. Plus, most guides provide everything you need - gear, bait, and lures - making for an easy expedition.

First catch

Texas Parks and Wildlife maintains a fishing report with current conditions at Lake Whitney, which you may find helpful, whether or not you are using a guide.

To locate a qualified guide, contact any of the marinas or lodges in the area for referrals.


There are numerous fishing tournaments throughout the season. In 1955, Lake Whitney was the site of the first bass tournament, sponsored by a local newspaper. This event has received State Historical Commission recognition.


Bass are not the only kind of fish that anglers find in Lake Whitney and the Brazos River. Some of the more common types of fish caught here include

  • Bass - black largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, striped and white
  • Catfish - blue, channel, and flathead
  • Crappie - white, and black

Below are Lake Whitney's fishing records, per Texas Parks & Wildlife, as of December 2015.

Species Weight Length Date Method
Bass, Hybrid Striped 15.00 27.50 Apr 1, 2002 Rod and Reel
Bass, Largemouth 11.63 25.50 Jan 7, 1999 Rod and Reel
Bass, Smallmouth 7.72 22.00 Nov 20, 1988 Rod and Reel
Bass, Spotted 2.98 16.00 Apr 21, 1994 Rod and Reel
Bass, Striped 39.69 43.25 May 14, 1989 Rod and Reel
Bass, White 2.91 18.25 Apr 5, 2008 Rod and Reel
Bluegill 1.55 11.75 Jun 26, 2004 Rod and Reel
Buffalo, Black 17.40 33.00 Jun 5, 2010 Bow Fishing
Buffalo, Smallmouth 29.28 37.00 Mar 16, 2002 Rod and Reel
Carp, Common 17.50 32.00 Mar 29, 2010 Bow Fishing
Carp, Grass 65.25 48.00 Jul 10, 1993 Bow Fishing
Catfish, Blue 62.75 46.00 Oct 16, 1999 Rod and Reel
Catfish, Channel 15.25 32.25 Oct 10, 1977 Rod and Reel
Catfish, Flathead 39.94 43.50 Nov 20, 1993 Rod and Reel
Crappie, Black 1.63 14.00 Mar 9, 2009 Rod and Reel
Crappie, White 2.60 15.63 Feb 6, 2009 Rod and Reel
Drum, Freshwater 25.64 34.00 Oct 30, 1992 Rod and Reel
Gar, Longnose 33.00 58.00 Apr 7, 1990 Rod and Reel
Redhorse, Gray 3.38 19.00 Apr 22, 2010 Bow Fishing

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