Rock Church altar

Old Rock Church

Rock Church exterior

CR 4145, 4 miles east of Cranfills Gap

St. Olaf Lutheran Rock Church was built in 1886 from native stone by architect Andrew Mickelson and his brothers, Christian and Ole Mickelson. It originally had a dirt floor and planks laid on wooden kegs for pews. Rocks for the church were hauled from the mountain to the south. The bell was acquired in 1897.

Rock Church steeple

Initially a single pastor served the Norwegian settlers at both the Rock Church and Our Savior's Lutheran Church of Norse (6 miles east). In 1902, as a result of the growth of the community, St Olaf's was able to support its own preacher. Services were conducted in Norwegian until the 1940s.

Rock Church altar

The church is heated by an old wood-burning stove and has no running water nor electricity. Both the stove and the pump organ were built before 1900. Pews are painted to simulate the grain in more expensive wood.

The church was restored in 2010. It is open to visitors during daylight ours. It is currently used for Easter and Christmas services, weddings and special occasions.

For more information, call 254-597-2453 or 214-979-0711 or email the church.

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