Brazos River wakeboarding

Brazos River Adventures

Brazos River wakeboarding

Head north on the waters of Lake Whitney, and you'll run into the Brazos River, home to exceptionally smooth water for water skiing and wakeboarding.

Beginners find these waters perfect for learning new sports. Other more experienced enthusiasts, like barefoot skiers and daredevil wakeboarders, practice their stunts as they enjoy a full day on the river. In fact, the water here is so perfect that a movie called "The Secret Spot", all about high-energy water sports, was filmed here.

As you travel north on the river, watch the shoreline for the remnants of a set of railroad tracks that are now underwater. And keep your eyes open for some very large, natural caves, that are high up on the cliffs on the western side of the river.

Kimball Bend, just north of Highway 174, was one of the places where cattle drives crossed the river years ago. There is now a park there, with remnants of the ghost town of Kimball.

Brazos River canoeing at Lake Whitney

South of the Whitney dam, the river typically flows slowly, making it ideal for canoers and kayakers.

You'll find breathtaking cliffs, wildlife along the shoreline, and birds overhead. If you don't have your own boat, you can rent canoes and kayaks in the area. There's even a one-way shuttle service to get you started, after which you can enjoy a leisurely paddle downstream.

Fly fishing on the Brazos River

The river is also a great place for fly-fishing. Anglers may spend a quiet morning casting their flies, or groups of friends may get together to enjoy the sport.

Brazos River sunset

Early Spanish explorers, thankful for fresh water, called the Brazos River the "Rio de los Brazos de Dios", which translates to "The River of the Arms of God". The Comanches called it the "tohopt pah-e-hone" or "blue water river".

Lake Whitney was formed when the river was impounded in 1951. You'll find exceptional opportunities for water adventures on both the lake and the river.

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